FoodSaver V2840: A Must Have FoodSealer


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If you are thinking about getting a high quality food sealer at a good price, the FoodSealer V2840 is a great option.

This product will come in handy if you like to hunt, cook, or if you simply like to save some money with bulk buying, or saving leftovers. The V2840 is, for the price, the most solid, consistent, and effective food sealer on the market today.

Like with other food sealers the main aim is to vacuum seal food for storing. This can be because you like to store meat from a hunt or because you like to save leftovers. Whatever the reason, you will want the food vacuum sealer to do a great job, be effective, easy to use, easy to clean, so the stored food stays fresh for months in the freeze without becoming freezer burned.

This food sealer does that and more.
The Price

The V2840 costs from $ 750 depending on the store. Amazon is among the cheapest at $ 749.99.


The design is very slick as the V2840 looks very strong and gives a feel of high quality. When operating it feels good. When operating it can take up some space, but you can flip it upwards when not in use, this is great to store space and a really nice feature.

The FoodSaver V2840 is an advanced food sealer that has automatic features; 2 vacuum speeds, and seals without crushing the seal. It has extra wide sealing strip that does not stick, ability to stand vertical to save space, stainless steel lid, and a drip tray. Bag material, accessory hose are included.

Measures: 16-3/4 by 9-3/4 by 14-1/2 inches

Shipping Weight: 9 pounds