FoodSaver V3835 Food Sealer: Keep it Fresh


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FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

This product features an automatic vacuum packing system.  It uses something they call smart seal technology which is designed to keep food fresher for longer periods of time.  It has two speeds.  One speed designed for marinade foods and the other for canisters.  It is designed to save counter space because it stands up right.  Another useful feature is the LED display that has a progress meter.  The plastic roll is eleven inches long and fits bother 3 quarts or 2 gallon sizes.   There are some complaints by users that you have to fit the bag into the slot and the LED does not recognize it there.  This is due to not properly following directions.  To get the most out of this product users should spend some time learning how to properly use it by going through the directions in detail.  This unit has some new advanced features that make it more complicated to use but when used properly users like the upgrades.  If you want simple then you should consider getting one of the older units.