Why Choose a Food Sealer?

You have heard all the talk about a food savers and sealers but do you really know what it is? A food savers/sealer an easy way to vacuum seal your foods so that they don’t go bad waiting on you to eat it. We have all had situations where food gets freezer burnt waiting on us to cook it or cooked food and put it in the refrigerator planning to eat it later and later never comes.

By the time you remember it’s in there it’s gross. It’s a huge waste of money and food. The food saver works to prevent that waste by keeping your food fresher for up to five times longer than food stored without it.

Why is it bad to Store Air with Food?

With a food saver you buy fresh food take it home and vacuum seal it. It will remain fresh a lot longer than unsealed. By vacuum sealing it you take all of the air out of your food. If you have air in it and put it in the refrigerator you are allowing mold and other germs to get into your food, which will make it unsafe to eat. If you do eat it within a “safe time” and it’s not protected from the air in your fridge, you will have various odors from other foods inside your fridge that can mess up the flavor.

In the freezer, your foods may become discolored. This is due to the freezer pulling moisture out of the meat and vegetables due to your container allowing air into your foods. Your frozen foods end up discolored and dry looking and though it’s safe to eat, it won’t taste as good as it should. Freezer burnt meat will be drier to eat if you choose to cook it even after it’s cooked. A food saver seals your food so that the freezer’s air can’t take the moisture out of your foods.

Difference Between Food Saver And Sealer

Food savers are any containers that is used to save food. These come with a lid and preserve life of the food stored. Food vacuum sealers are systems that seal food in air-tight vacuum packed systems like pouches. Both are used to save food. Food savers are used for food to be stored for shorter periods and food sealers for foods that need to be stored for long periods of time.

Another great option if you have a lot of extra fruits and vegetables is to turn them into juice. If you want a juicer that will retain it’s nutrients longer than normal juice machines take a look at a slow juicer such as a juicepresso.

Tilia Foodsaver V2450


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Tilia Foodsaver V2450 Vacuum Sealer

There is not a lot of information as far as reviews and feedback on this unit.  It features a bag cutter so it might be a little more efficient as far as the cost to operate.  The cost of the unit is middle of the road.  There are cheaper and more expensive units with a lot of additional features.  While it has the bag cutter built in there are some reports of it malfunctioning which leads to wasting bags.  For example it is not designed to seal canisters.  Our recommendation is to check out some of the other products before you buy this one.

VacMaster VP112: Strong and Reliable


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This unit is marketed for being ideal for sealing and storing soups and liquids. Other units are not ideal for this.  So if you are looking to save soups you should seriously consider this product. That includes stews or things with lots of marinades.  The other marketing concept presented is that you can store smelly foods like fish odor free.  Other products are not designed for liquid rich foods.  This unit has some reports of the lid breaking.  You can get a replacement from the manufacture fairly easy but do not buy this if you are looking for the most reliable product on the market.

FoodSaver V2840: A Must Have FoodSealer


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If you are thinking about getting a high quality food sealer at a good price, the FoodSealer V2840 is a great option.

This product will come in handy if you like to hunt, cook, or if you simply like to save some money with bulk buying, or saving leftovers. The V2840 is, for the price, the most solid, consistent, and effective food sealer on the market today.

Like with other food sealers the main aim is to vacuum seal food for storing. This can be because you like to store meat from a hunt or because you like to save leftovers. Whatever the reason, you will want the food vacuum sealer to do a great job, be effective, easy to use, easy to clean, so the stored food stays fresh for months in the freeze without becoming freezer burned.

This food sealer does that and more.
The Price

The V2840 costs from $ 750 depending on the store. Amazon is among the cheapest at $ 749.99.


The design is very slick as the V2840 looks very strong and gives a feel of high quality. When operating it feels good. When operating it can take up some space, but you can flip it upwards when not in use, this is great to store space and a really nice feature.

The FoodSaver V2840 is an advanced food sealer that has automatic features; 2 vacuum speeds, and seals without crushing the seal. It has extra wide sealing strip that does not stick, ability to stand vertical to save space, stainless steel lid, and a drip tray. Bag material, accessory hose are included.

Measures: 16-3/4 by 9-3/4 by 14-1/2 inches

Shipping Weight: 9 pounds

FoodSaver V3835 Food Sealer: Keep it Fresh


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FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

This product features an automatic vacuum packing system.  It uses something they call smart seal technology which is designed to keep food fresher for longer periods of time.  It has two speeds.  One speed designed for marinade foods and the other for canisters.  It is designed to save counter space because it stands up right.  Another useful feature is the LED display that has a progress meter.  The plastic roll is eleven inches long and fits bother 3 quarts or 2 gallon sizes.   There are some complaints by users that you have to fit the bag into the slot and the LED does not recognize it there.  This is due to not properly following directions.  To get the most out of this product users should spend some time learning how to properly use it by going through the directions in detail.  This unit has some new advanced features that make it more complicated to use but when used properly users like the upgrades.  If you want simple then you should consider getting one of the older units.

Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer: Professional And Strong


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Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

This is a stainless steal vacuum sealer.  It has an extra large teflon bar to seal bags up to fifteen inches in size. The unit weighs twenty six pounds.  There are reports that it does not work well with bags made by Vacmesh.  One tip if that might affect your decision to purchase it is that you need to allow about three inches when you seal foods with liquids.  So while it might not be the most efficient unit more people have no complaints.  There is not a ton of feedback on this unit so you might want to do some additional research before you purchase it.

Seal-a-Meal VS108-P Vacuum Sealer: Affordable and Flexible


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Seal-a-Meal VS108-P Vacuum Sealer

This is a simple one touch sealer. It includes a removable drip tray. This unit is tiny and designed for smaller portions. It is ideal for saving leftovers and keeping them fresh. This unit is very easy to use. Owners who don’t read the directions figure out how to use it after one or two tries. It automatically sucks all the air out of the bags before it seals. It does what it does well and does not offer many bells and whistles. To sum up this unit is simple if you want a low cost option that is perfect for smaller sizes and easy to use this is the way to go. Also has reports of being very reliable.

FoodSaver V3860 Vertical Vacuum Sealer: Effective And Simple


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FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealing System

This is an upright vacuum food sealer unit that is ideal for minimizing counter space. It has easy to use push button operation. Also the roll is built in to save space. The hose is retractable. unit is six inches by eighteen inches. All the features are designed to save space and offer excellent quality at the same time. It touts the idea that it is a crush free instant sealing unit. Most people who have bought this really love it. The few complaints revolve around the idea that it is not simple to use. It takes a little effort to learn how to use properly but if you follow the directions and learn how to use this you will be happy with it.